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Landscaping Enhancement

Your landscape is an extension of your personality and style. It is the first thing you present to visitors to your home or business. Landscape enhancement refers to any addition/modification to the space that boosts the aesthetics, function and overall enjoyment of the outdoor area. There are many ways to improve your landscape. Adding or renovating new or existing planting beds, installing new trees and shrubs, seasonal flowers or a new sod lawn. These are just a few examples of how Rosemont Landscaping can help enhance your landscape. Call 571-215-1275 today for a free consultation.

Services include:

  • Shrub and Tree installations

  • Turf renovations

  • Sod Installations

  • Establishing new bed areas

  • Decorative landscape boulders

  • Seasonal flower rotations

  • Perennial, Rain, Pollinator gardens

  • Irrigation improvements

  • Water features

Enhancement Examples

One Year Planting Warranty: Rosemont Landscaping and Lawncare has a one year warranty on trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers*. This warranty offers replacement free of charge if the plant has died due to improper planting techniques by Rosemont Landscaping. This warranty is non-transferable to future home buyers and is a one-time replacement for each plant. *Rosemont Landscaping cannot warranty plant material lost due to improper watering, pests & diseases, natural disasters and any other conditions beyond our control. Ask us for additional details.

We are committed to excellent customer service and strong relationships, at an affordable price. We welcome the opportunity to beautify your outdoor space. Call 571-215-1275 or email us today!

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